10 years back, 10 years forward with Inspire

10 years back, 10 years forward with Inspire

Inspire School of Arts & Sciences was founded in 2010, when a group of educators and community members got together with a vision of creating a new, unique high school experience. The high school launched its vision of cultivating a campus culture that prioritizes student and family well-being, fosters academic excellence, and nurtures creativity and critical thinking in its student body. For the past decade, we have been committed to a transformative high school experience, and being a catalyst for students to become original thinkers and problem solvers in their communities. Inspire has provided students with the unique opportunity to explore and intensively learn in the areas of theatre, music, dance, visual arts, digital media arts, engineering, and science–unlike any other high school in the North State. Now, the school needs to raise over $6M to build a new campus.

Guest speaker, Eric Nilsson, Inspire’s Founding Principal, will discuss the rich history of Inspire and Celeste Cramer, Inspire’s Development Director, will lay out the plan for the new campus and ways to get involved with this exciting community project.


Event Information

}  March 04, 2021
  Thursday, 06:30 pm to 07:35 pm
   Number of Spaces Left: 50

Event Organizer

   Celeste Cramer

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