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The Flamingo Flock

At Inspire, art students don’t just gain and expand their skills as artists during their high school education — they have the opportunity to work with professionals in the community to adapt to what a “buyer” might want in art. In the process, they are learning foundational skills to prepare them for careers or further education in creativity!

Enter the Flamingo Project! Inspire students have paired with business owners and community leaders to design a flamingo art piece that is suited to the needs of their client. Using open communication and feedback processes, students worked with their clients to create an end product that a “buyer” is satisfied with. These pieces have turned into incredible works of art that we now get to share with our community.

Enter YOU as a “buyer” and Inspire supporter. These flamingos were designed with our Inspire Virtual Auction in mind, and starting April 10th, you can bid on these one-of-a-kind garden pieces that tell an incredible story about our students and the partnerships they create in the North State.

You can place your bids on the end products of this creative process while supporting the future of Inspire, starting on April 10, 2021. Check them out on our auction website:

What are we raising money for?

All Students Should Have The Tools They Need To Learn


Every student deserves an extraordinary education so the Angel Network was created to supplement students who need supplies, food or additional resources to have the best learning experience. Over 40% of Inspire School of Arts & Sciences students are socio-economically disadvantaged and the goal of the Angel Network is to confidentially help these students in order to make certain they have access to the full Inspire experience, including school activities, yearbooks, technology, and school supplies. This fund also supplies food or additional resources as needed. 

When you donate to one of the causes on our auction page, you get entered in our weekly drawing. For every $1 you give, you get an entry in the drawing. The sooner you donate, the more chances you have to win.


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Build A School They Deserve

The vision of Inspire School of Arts & Sciences is create a transformative high school experience, to provide a catalyst for students to become original thinkers and problem solvers, and to produce global citizens capable of contributing to a better world – to be the premier Arts and Sciences school in Northern California. As the only Arts and Science based high school in the region, we serve as a role model and will continue to model best practices. 

Where students ask and explore “what if” through cross-pollination and idea incubation. In its first ten years, Inspire has nurtured this learning environment within the limited walls of mostly aging portable classrooms.  The time has come to provide students with a dynamic facility, a facility that promotes deep learning and critical thinking, the kind of thinking that confronts challenges and inspires solutions. 

Inspire continues to thrive despite its aging campus, and we face a stark reality. We are growing. Our current facilities remain inadequate to support daily, dynamic learning. Since the founding year in 2010 until now, the enrollment has doubled. 

Inspire currently shares its campus with a traditional, large comprehensive high school. Our school lives within 25 portable classrooms built approximately 30 years ago. Roofs leak, paint peels, and floors threaten to give out. Patch and repair can only do so much. Storage space is non-existent. To accommodate a busy performance schedule, we must rent, beg, and borrow over twenty outside facilities. The expense and inconvenience are a serious detriment to our ability to implement our programs. It’s time for a campus students can call their own. 

The Time is Now 

We are raising funds to create a truly inspiring campus – with a state-of-art theatre complex, cutting-edge digital and media arts studios, science and engineering labs, and creative maker spaces to enhance the intersection of art and science.

Inspire is ready for a 21st century campus to meet its 21st century education.

Dan La Bar, Inspire FoundationBoard Chair


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Student Events

Student events such as Sober Grad Night, Day On The Purple and school-wide dances are crucial for the complete high school experience. The funds needed for these extra curricular activities can not use state funds and need support from the Foundation. 

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Inspire is a college-prep school that encourages students to reach their full potential by encouraging attending college or pursuing a carreer and to help fund this goal, the Foundation gives scholarships to qualified students.  These scholarship opportunities include Inspired by the Arts Scholarship, Inspired by Science Scholarship, Academic Excellence Scholarship, Pursuit of Passion Award, and Essence of Inspire Scholarship. Donate today to help students get a jump start on their future after Inspire!


Inspired by the Arts Scholarship:  This will be awarded to one student whose studies have been focussed on one or more of the Arts categories offered by Inspire, and plans to pursue an Art-related major in college.

Inspired by Science Scholarship:  This will be awarded to one student whose studies have been focussed on one or more of the Science categories offered by Inspire, and plans to pursue a Science-related major in college.

Academic Excellence Scholarship: This will be awarded to one student who exhibits academic excellence in all subjects.

Pursuit of Passion Award:    This will be awarded to one student who exhibits a passion for what they do and for what they want to do, and that passion is abundantly evident in both their essay and their letter of recommendation.  This includes students whose future plan may not necessarily include higher education, but they must explain the alternative plans they have made for pursuing their passion.

The Essence of Inspire: This is awarded to a student who takes advantage of Inspire’s educational environment, steps up to the opportunities for leadership, explores all their interests, develops their own unique talents, and helps the Inspire mission by positively supporting their fellow students in developing their talents and capacities.

Scholarship applications will be open April 2021. 

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Supporting Teachers So They Can Focus On Teaching

Teacher Support

Teachers are the heartbeat of the school. Over and over students report that the teachers are the best asset of the school. Providing them the funds they need allows them to focus on teaching and not on fundraising. The Teacher Support Fund also includes educational retreats, training and events such as Teacher Appreciation Week. 

Instantly Double Your Impact

 all donations up to $10m will be doubled due to a grant by the state of california until june 2021