Celebrating Our Educators During A Challenging Time

Written by Celeste Cramer

April 25, 2020

As we navigate a pandemic and “stay at home” order, most parents right now are struggling. We are struggling because we are trying to supply our children with education typically provided by teachers, and we are acting as the accountability enforcers to that end. We have all seen the funny memes, my favorite being “Nicely played teachers – you can now have more money and more respect – just give us the antidote and take back our kids.” Funny? Yes, but most of us are feeling overwhelmed trying to be everything right now.

If you were an organized parent with a strict schedule, you may have adapted easily. I have not. In fact, this lockdown has caused me to think about how much I rely on the educational system to provide that structure and consistency. The school lays out our schedule and the teachers lay out the course work. In all honesty, I counted on that 7 hours per day of structure for my own personal sanity. When my child didn’t turn in that assignment, I counted on the school system to provide consequences – typically a negative grade. Did I step in and reinforce the importance of the rules and the value of education? Did I provide consequences at home as well? Of course, but the school already set up rules and consequences of its own. Now, parents have to do it all.

This pandemic will teach us many things about the way we live. We may be learning just how much the teachers and staff or our schools are our partners in raising the next generation leaders, thinkers, and doers in our communities. We are a team, and I personally want to express my deep gratitude now more than ever for the educators and staff who go above and beyond to provide the tools for our kids to not only thrive, but expand their vision for creating a better world. Thank you, Inspire teachers and staff, for doing this work every day. Thank you for being resilient as we navigate this crisis.

As we move through this challenging time and honor those who work hard to help shape our kids, let us build something meaningful in the process. Our vision for the next generation of Inspire students and teachers is a school that they can be even more proud of. Will you celebrate our teachers, staff and administration today by contributing to the Inspire Foundation? With your help, we will build the state-of-the-art school that they deserve.



Celeste Cramer

Development Director

Inspire School of Arts and Sciences

Office: (530) 999-2882

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