Building Critical Mass To Build The School The School They Deserve

Written by Celeste Cramer

April 22, 2020

The power each one of us has is incredible! Have you ever seen a movie and told ten people about it? Imagine if they each tell ten people and so on. Eventually, we build the critical mass to get others to pay attention and take action. Word-of-mouth is still the best way to advertise. As human beings, we thrive most when connecting with others. When we hear about news, recommendations, or causes from the people we know and trust, they pay attention.

So, imagine if you told ten people that we are raising money to build an Inspire School of Arts & Sciences that our North State students and teachers deserve. Imagine that you asked them to tell ten people. Now, imagine if each one of those donated $20 to the campaign. You would have raised $2,000 through word of mouth alone – that is powerful! At Inspire, we are driven by imagination, and that is how we will succeed in achieving this goal.

The best part is that spreading the word doesn’t cost anything – especially in our era of technology and social media. The Inspire Development Team is working on ways to make it even easier for anyone to participate in this movement – including providing social media posts and letters for you to copy and email to friends and family.

Check out what we have been working on…WAYS TO GIVE:

If you would like to join our movement, please let us know. We cannot make this happen without you, and your voice is the most critical part of our efforts.Join us today, and we can move mountains!

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