Why I Can Sell The School?

Written by Celeste Cramer

April 16, 2020

Taking this position as Development Director for Inspire School of Arts & Sciences was an easy choice because it’s an easy “sell.” I have been in sales positions a good part of my life and one thing I have learned – don’t sell something you aren’t passionate about. Even though I didn’t know that when I saw the teachers talking about their classes and the school 3 years ago that I would be in this position now, I knew even back then, there is something incredibly special about these people. Every teacher or staff who got up to speak about their “major” or class at the school was more enthusiastic than the previous person.

I walked away with a renewed belief in education. I felt like I wanted to go back to high school which I don’t think I have ever felt – not even when I was in high school. My youngest child – that I dragged to the presentation at the age of 10 – turned to me as we were walking to our car and said, “Mom, I want to skip junior high and go straight to Inspire.”

What was it about this school? Well, three years later I know – it’s the teachers and staff. There enthusiasm is palpable. I see it in my 11th grader’s face when I pick him up and he is beaming, “Mom, when we get home can we talk about picking my classes for next year?”

Their love and compassion for the students is a rare find at a high school and in turn, they are teaching the students to be loving and compassionate. What kind of a world would we live in if every high school was like this? I can only imagine but in the meantime, it’s an easy school to “sell” and they are the reason I want to build them a school they deserve.

– Celeste Cramer, Inspire School of Arts & Sciences Development Director www.SupportInspire.com

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